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Our Film Catalog

The Forever Room

A young woman wakes to find herself chained in a basement, and her horror is amplified when she discovers her captor is her own mother.

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Dead Air

The recent discovery of a dead father’s ham radio sends his adult son on a twisted journey that unravels a dark, unimaginable secret.

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Recent empty nesters set out to shoot a video for a 25th wedding anniversary when the past begins to tragically haunt them.

Available on:  Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Vudu, Xbox, Tubi, xumoPlay

Behind the Door

Daniel leaves the city and moves into his dream house, but it has secrets, and it’s hungry.

Paranormal Proof

After losing their wife and mother, a father and his two daughters begin to experience scary phenomena in their home.

Waiting On Alphie

An old mob associate keeps Alphie at gun point until he receives a call which will mean his life or death.

America's Beach

Winner of the Hawaii Film Festival Silver Lei Award is the story of the people of the Outer Banks and the devastation the government has wrought.

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